No walls. No barriers.

We’ll talk without words.

Your eyes with no concern.

Your heart, forever turned…

But there’s a catch, we had this chat…

Just move that ass and get to work.

You’re young, you’re broken, but awake.

Find and take back affirmations

Take a knife out, cut the shit now

Keep your eyes open

kill and bury every single sad regret…

When you’re losing faith in all you’ve done, you’ve got to get away from everyone.

Leave your broken heart outside.

Let the music pacify

The beating of a dying man,

paralyzed in fires of shame.

Don’t forget to love him anyway.

Listen to that voice, my child.

No one ever heard you then, you better get to trying again.

So flap those wings you tucked away.

Breath the air, no smoke up there…

now you fly again.

Falling isn’t stoping.

Remember no forevers,

they’re not always there.

Just don’t ever say goodbye

Ain’t nobody here for that.

And you’ve got to work.