It’s a beautiful sky and a lovely garden.

I just can’t stay till my arteries harden.

Out in the street the people are stranded:

nothing turned out the way they planned it.

One step closer to San Pedro…

just measure your steps in milímetros.

They tell me to go now,

but I think I’ll take that raincheck…

When the the fruit is fully wound

I still have time to fall to ground

and get lost before I «get found.»

I watch television, I got the message

We’re quick stepping headlong into the new great depression:

Can’t get a job, haven’t any useful knowledge…

Yet we settle down and hope for health while we’re dying slowly?

Better wake up and do the math on that one

the numbers don’t add up in what you thought was the life you wanted.

So I’ll just skip ahead now, just take my little walk

go on and take my raincheck…

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